Sunday, April 03, 2011

Washington DC - Day 4 - Saturday

Another full day, although I think we pushed it too much on Friday. We had a slow start with some cranky boys. I think it had to do with big crowds, day 3 of walking around museums and the subject - American History. We spent more time in the cafe and with bathroom breaks than all other days combined :)

We DID get to see the Star Spangled Banner, and a bunch of other really great American History Artifacts. I personally liked the Edison exhibit showing his notebooks and early filament tests along with the resulting light bulb designs. 

We also managed to avoid a seriously rainy day by spending it indoors (with all the other people avoiding the rain) - we also went BACK to Natural History to hit the Gem & Mineral gift shop for the 3rd day. It was more popular with the boys than the Air & Space gift shop - who knew?!

We had a LATE dinner back in Alexandria and the kids let us know that it was too late. After some food, all was right with the universe and we had a great evening.

We are all ready to be home though, and are officially done playing tourist. A lazy morning in the hotel, then we will hit the airport...

One BIG telescope...

I REALLY need to build one of these for the garage!


The Original Kill-a-Watt

"If you want to go to the gift shop, each boy has to put his toes in the circle without standing on each other . Now, stand on one foot, and touch your head"

Van de Graff's ORIGINAL working generator!

@Natural History - Day # 3. The gem & mineral gift shop was more popular than the Air & Space gift shop. Who Knew?!

Jackets, Shopping Bags, Map in hand - can you say TOURISTS?!

A pic for Mom...

After an evening meltdown due to a late feeding - all is right again in the universe.

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